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Regulations LUXURY CARD

The paper fidelity Luxury Card is the classified paper to all the Customers of the points sale Blooker, present on the National territory, that it concurs to accumulate points and to partecipate to initiatives and special promotions.

The paper is emitted and remains of property of the Stecim Srl.

The initiatives tied to the paper will come published throught the advertising shipment of sms; mails; warning present in the site and/or the Blooker point sale.

The following regulations will come rendered available in attached at the emission of the paper and present on the site beyond that in the point sale.

Method of release and use


The paper is released in completely free way, near all the points Blooker sale, to persons residents in Italy and the San Marino Republic that have at the complete moment of emission the greater age and that they have compiled and signed the emission module.

The paper is closely personal and nominative, and it cannot be yielded and/or used from  thirds party.

The validity of the same one is of 12(twelve) months and it agrees facility renewed for others twelve months if not various demanded or communicated in lacked case of use for the validity months, from last purchase, the data in it contents, more they will not be used to fine advertising and the same one will be thought lacking in effect. The Company, will be able therefore to proceed to cancel the paper, in this case things  insindacable  judgement, then there are the conditions of lacked or not correct use of the Paper.

It is not concurred the release more of a paper to every Customer.

The holder of the paper is held to communicate timely to average mail, on the site in restricted area or in any Blooker point sale, any variation of the personal data and/or data that do not allow the correct one use of the Paper issuing

The Company decline every responsibility for improper use of the Paper till the moment of the communication also in case of theft or loss the same one.

A duplicated of the same one can be obtained, making demanded in the site or a point Blooker sale,  knowing that the new issue will not cancel the acquired rights and points then till. The holder of the paper can anytime renounce to the same one, without obligation some, going in a point Blooker sale.  Stecim Srl will to cancel  the Paper and the benefits to it legacies, united to the cancellation of all the supplied data. The Stecim Srl reservoir to guess modification or integrations anytime, and without prior notice own insindacable  judgement.


In order of to obtain the advantages offers from the Luxury Card, it is necessary to introduce same at the moment of the purchase. Contextually all the purchase has itself straight to the initiative and all the accumulate points legacies to the Paper. The accumulated points, will allow the Customer to approach the initiative to the Paper tied second the modalities and the present specific regulations of continuation.


For every 20 (twenty) Euros of expense, accumulate 1 (one) point. The points have validity from the successive purchase of all the credit except which had delays  to technical  problems. The same one caught up the minimal threshold of nr. 25 (twenty-five) points, will straight give to the Customer to convert them in good reduction in price of the value of 50 (fifty) Euros to only spend in the period in balance or promotion within and however beyond the 6 (six) successive months. The points are spendable in any point sale to teach  Blooker Rounding in defect or in excess  is not admitted and has validity for 25 (twenty-five) points or multiples of they. The point sale where the customer  will to the drainage and/or the relative balance of the points contained in the Paper. The points are not cumulative with other advertising initiatives in course. At the end of the year from the date of issue the accumulated points will be annulled, beginning a new collection



The given holder of the treatment is STECIM Srl, owner of the Blooker brand whit legal situs in Nola (Na) 80035 Cis Island 2 nr. 242-244 P.Vat 06630721212

Its data will be communicated to the single subjects whose activity is indispensable for the operation of the Luxury Card and the other purposes to which it consents with the company of the present document, and in particular to the society our partner person in charge of the management of the site, managerial software and/or our associates of the point sale  to teach Blooker

To the Society people in charge of the shipment of informative material, on the Paper conductive services and products to connect it or.

The Society such directory constantly will be modernized and will be able to have acquaintance writing to; STECIM Srl  80035 Nola (Na) Cis  2 Island nr. 242-244 or to the average mail address

A directory of such Societies is guarded near the center of the titular Society. For the release of the Paper Luxury Card and its relative operation the insertion of some its data is indispensable, while it has faculty to omit the not necessary data, comprising that, the lacked bestowal all the data not marked as obligator  will not concur activity with latere, however useful and opportune, which , information from and towards the point  issuing sale, to comprise with surveyings  its degree of satisfaction towards the brand, the point sale and the product; of initiatives times on the base of its habits to the consumption. Its data will be managed mostly by computer science and conserved for the necessary time to realization of the initiative in object.Like interested and to norm art. 7 of the D. Lgs. 196/03 it has straight anytime to obtain from in charge of the treatment given, the confirmation of the existence of the data and the communication of the same ones; the modernization; it rectifies; the integration; the cancellation; the block of the data dealt in law violation. Moreover  oppose to the treatment of they will be able. In order to exercise such rights will be able to write to STECIM Srl. 80035 Nola (Na) Cis  Island 2 nr. 242-244 or at the address mail to the attention of the responsible treatment

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