Blooker proposes a young and dynamic style, which is perfect for a specific target of men.

The Blooker collection mixes American sportswear and Italian taste, proposing an excellent ratio of price –quality and a versatile design, that can be personalized according to ones on personal taste.  

Jeans, t-shirts, fabulous pants and beautiful polo shirts, which have obtained important acknowledgement and notoriety from the International press.

The unmistakable symbol of the brand is the head of a panther, which is the expression of the founder  John Blooker’s passion for the African continent and everything it represents.

Luxury in sportswear translates in the use of the finest cachemire and of precious Egyptian cotton and Japanese denim, for the creation of exclusive pieces.

Blooker represents a lifestyle, a way of being oneself and of thinking, with the capability of expression through fashion.  Blooker is a new way to communicate.