John Blooker was born in 1935 in a small city in Ireland called Bray, near Dublin.  At only age 15 he started working in the shop of a well skilled Taylor,  it is here that he worked with his first denim fabric imported from the United States, which is where the famous trousers invented by Levi  Strauss have gotten much success with the public.

In 1960 John emigrates to the United States,  with a dream to go to the nation where all is possible and open a small denim factory.

For many years he works in South Hampton in New Hampshire in various factories that produced denim, t-shirts and chinos, it is here that he discovers a new passion:  Polo Shirts.

In 1975 he moves to New York and finally, in the meat market district, he opens his denim factory producing t-shirts and polo shirts. A year later he opens his first store that started out as a factory outlet.   His jeans and polo shirts quickly gained popularity, and rapidly took hold of the tastes of the American jet set.  An article in the New York Times defined John Blooker “As the only American capable in competing with the French in Polo Shirt manufacturing”.

John has a particular love for the Africa continent and has a passion for colonial style.  
He was always fascinated by the animal world, and  particularly by the panther, this is why he selected a panthers head as the symbol for his line of clothing. From this moment the Blooker brand begins to distributed  in the United States through an ever increasing number of stores.

In 2004 the Blooker brand arrives in Italy, thanks to a partnership with an Italian
company launching a new challenge to the designer names of the old continent.